Moni Chozeva

The history Monastery, holding the treasure of the miraculous icon of “Panagia I Chozoviotissa”, runs back to 9th century AD when the monks, persecuted by Persian tribes, sought refuge for the icon away from its original resting place at St. George Chozevitis’ Monastery in the Holy Land.

Agia Anna

Agia Anna, stands a striking white against the blue of the deep waters that arrive at the sharp cliff of “Moni Chozeva”. It seems it is going to slide in the water any moment now. It never did.


The capital of Amorgos (“The Chora”) is one of the most beautiful cities both on Greek islands and the inland. It was built during the Trade dominance of Venice as a fortress against pirates of all kinds.

Nikouria Island

George Vekris and his father, Vaggelis, who run the crossing back and forth to Nikouria island from Agios Pavlos peninsula will also be happy to talk to you about the history of the Nikouria island (3.000 BC)