Authentic Big Blue

Since 1988 when the film ‘BIG BLUE hit the wide screens of the world and allowed millions of people to witness the true color of blue – both in the sky and in the sea – the Authentic Big Blue was inaugurated for the first time in 2017 in the same blue waters that only Amorgos can provide to the human eye in such a unique hue and ambience.

This year, once more, Amorgos hosted the Authentic Big Blue 2018 from 16th to 23rd September 2018.

‘CNN Greece’  covered the event, inleu with a local administration team, including Vivi Draka (ERT Broadcasting & originator of the Big Blue revival concept), Kate Vilandou (Event Coordinator), Lefteris Karaiskos (Local Council Advisor), Dimitris Synodinos (owner of ‘Amorgos Diving Center‘), Labrini Karamanopoulou  (acting as the ‘voice of the event’ at the special Information Kiosk  at Katapola) as well as numerous others contributing towards the success of the event.

It should also be mentioned that the wide range of Sponsors covering the expenses, allowed for adequate resource pooling and allocation, reaching top international standards for this World Diving Tornament.

T minus 1: Preparations – The Day Before

Full ‘Big Blue’ Days at Nikouria Beach inspite of windy weather

First Underwater Gallery on Greek Island of Amorgos